If you are wondering what Netopia, 2Wire and Billion routers have in common you have come to the right place. The answer is – all of them use the same default IP address: Well, normally the average user has no need to know this IP address, but here is one thing we want to point out – many people type this IP the wrong way as 192.168.l.254. The initial router setup is usually performed with a CD or the router comes preconfigured, so you just plug everything in and VoilĂ , you have a working internet connection. However, if you have the need to enable or disable a wireless connection, secure your wireless internet connection so others cannot abuse it, then you have to know what, not 192.168.l.254, is and how to use it properly.

What is

This specific IP address is just one of the IP addresses used to help the user easily modify the router settings according to his needs. It belongs to the so called Private IP range which means that this IP can’t be accessed from a device which is outside the home network. For a public access a so called Public IP address is being used.

How to use

Well, although it already looks complicated, believe us, logging in to your router is very simple and easy and you will see that in a minute.

First of all check if your PC and router are physically connected. This is important because the following steps won’t work if your PC is not part of the existing network.

After checking this, open up your browser and in the address bar type in the aforementioned IP address, i.e.

There is no need to add www or http:// in front of it.

If your router’s IP address is really, the login window to the web-based utility will open. Although it looks like a webpage you don’t have to have a working internet connection to access this page.


Now, you have to enter the username and password. The username and password is different according to the brand of the router, but you can find them in the user manual or on the official website of the router manufacturer. To make things a bit easier you can try the following usernames and passwords.

  • 2Wire routers use admin as username and admin or wireless as passwords.
  • If you own a router produced by Billion use admin in both fields.
  • Netopia routers use admin as a username and the password is usually the serial number of the router.
  • The situation with Thomson routers is the same, they use the router’s serial number as a default password, and the username is Administrator.

If you have done everything as described you will have access to the router’s web-based utility.

I can’t login – What now?

Sometimes the previous steps won’t get you to the router settings. The reasons for this can be different, but all of them can be solved easily. So, what can go wrong.

1. Your router IP is not

The Default Gateway number is your router IP address.

2. The username and password are wrong.

First check that you have typed them correctly. Check if Caps Lock was turned on the keyboard.

Secondly, check the user manual or the manufacturer’s website.

You can also contact your ISP.

The final solution, if nothing works is to reset the router to default settings.

3. The router and PC are not connected.

We have already mentioned that you have to connect these with a cable.

4. The router is turned off.

After checking these solutions we believe that you will be able to connect to your router and modify its settings as you wish.

5. You are mistyping the IP

As we have already said, typing 192.168.l.254 is a frequent reason why you won’t be able to login to your router, so check this when typing.